Welcome to tales 4 all home of the treebobs a magical place where you can follow the tales of mythical lands and extraordinary characters

Welcome to Tales 4 All home of the Treebobs

We are a small, independent publishing house dedicated to bringing you wonderful children’s stories for children of all ages . Here at Tales 4 All we firmly believe that everyone loves a good children’s story and, as such, a good book, whether they read it themselves or have it read to them.

Tales 4 all is an independent publishing house dedicated to bringing you wonderful children’s stories.

Home of the famous tales of The Treebobs, who live on top of their magical tree in an enchanted forest and are always up to mischief with the two witches, Badlot Barbara and Rotten Rena.

Perhaps you would like to hear some tales of mystery, coming very soon, about a very strange shop indeed… You would certainly think twice before buying something from the dear old lady who owns this shop! Enter our magical world of children’s stories to explore the greatest adventures you could ever find… those within your own imagination…

         “Special offer”

Free download of The Treebobs and the Runaway Cauldron for every download bought of the Treebobs and Air Rena from Amazon


Just email proof of purchase to hello@tales4all.co.uk”

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The Treebobs and the Magic Lamplighter

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The Treebobs
How wonderful would life be if you could spend your days living on top of a magic sycamore tree in an enchanted forest?

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