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badlot barbara


Badlot Barbara

As bad witches go they don’t come much worse than Badlot Barbara. She is mean, she is wicked, she is cunning and that is when she is in a good mood! She is the cousin of Rotten Rena and when Badlot Barbara comes to visit Rena becomes more rotten than ever. Having said that these two cousins are not always the best of friends and when they fall out magical sparks fly in the Enchanted Forest.



Rotten Rena

Mad and bad and truly wicked…well not quite! More mad, tries to be bad and truly hapless would be a better description of our Rena. Her job is being the wicked witch of the Enchanted Forest. She is so bad at being bad that her job is constantly under threat. However somehow and often with the help of the Treebobs and Bindweed Belle, Rotten Rena manages to keep her job, not that she is ever grateful, as she continues to blunder from one mad exploit to another.

Bindweed Belle 

The most feisty fairy you could ever wish to meet! Belle together with The Treebobs are the arch nemesis of Rotten Rena and Badlot Barbara and all their dastardly plans. Belle has her own brand of magic which when matched with her cleverness makes her a force to be reckoned with.

Foxglove Philip

One of the fairies and a great friend of Bindweed Belle. We first meet him in “How the Treebobs Came to be” when he together with Bindweed Belle help save the Treebobs from one of Rotten Rena’s wicked spells.

Treebob Jazz

One of the most fun Treebobs in the Enchanted Forest. There is not a musical instrument he can’t or won’t play. As we discovered in “The Treebobs and the Dizzy Broomsticks” all of his music is quite magical. His favourite instruments are the pipes and guitar and a very magical instrument he brings back from the moon in “The Treebobs and the Moon Witch.”

Treebob Brenda Breeze-water   

A tiny little Treebob with a big heart and a very magical uncle. It is Brenda who has the idea of going to see her uncle Mr McCloud the cloud maker in “The Treebobs and Air Rena” who helps save the day.

Molehill Marge

A little mole with big attitude! Marge is another enemy of Rotten Rena and no one especially Rotten Rena tells Marge to do anything especially not to dig! Marge and Rena’s feuding is played out in “The Treebobs and the Giant Mole” when Marge having taken one of Badlot Barbara’s potions digs one of her biggest hills yet – right on top of Rotten Rena’s cottage.

 The Runaway Cauldron

One of the strangest inhabitants of the forest and often seen wandering amongst the flowers and trees of the forest. Turned into a racing cauldron by Rotten Rena it won its freedom from her after helping her win the witches Great Egg and Cauldron race and defeating the plans of Grotty Grelda.

Grotty Grelda

They don’t come much more wicked than Grotty Grelda or so Rotten Rena’s mother reminds Rena when she is at risk of losing her job as the wicked witch of the Enchanted Forest. She is the most wicked witch of all, and forever has her eye on a chance of moving in to Rotten Rena’s cottage.

Meddlesome Maud

You have met Rotten Rena now meet her mother! The one and only who is not in the least bit afraid of Rotten Rena as Rotten Rena is totally under mothers thumb. She lives a long way from Rotten Rena and we first hear of her through the witches telephone – the gramagram – in the Treebobs and the Runaway Cauldron when we learn that she has no hesitation in running Rena’s life for her. However mother is never far away as is soon discovered in “The Treebobs and the caravan holiday”

Mr McCloudMr McCloud

The mysterious and magical cloud maker who is the uncle of Brenda Breezewater. He lives above the Enchanted Forest in Sky High Tower which is sometimes there and sometimes not. We meet him for the first time in the Treebobs and the Giant Airship and later in The Treebobs and the Sky Witch. Don’t stand too close though as he is very mischievous especially when holding his amazing umbrella!  



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