Here at Tales 4 All we are very proud of The Treebobs and we would like to tell you all a little more about them. As many of you know by now they are children’s stories written by our very own Declan Harney. Declan has been described by audio book store as an acclaimed author, a fact we are justly proud of.  But what is the story behind the Treebobs?


The first time we hear of them is in The Treebobs and the Dizzy Broomsticks which was first written by Declan in 2010. At that time it was just a paperback book, but better things were to come. The decision was made to put the first book into audio, which was a great success and the second book, The Treebobs and the Runaway Cauldron was soon to follow.  This proved to be Declan’s most creative rendition yet and tells the tale of the wackiest race you will ever hear about and how the wicked witch of the forest, Rotten Rena, just has to win, no matter what. With the reviews that followed The Runaway Cauldron the books finally went to in 2012. They were soon heard all over the world together with the new editions of The Treebobs and the Giant Mole and the very popular Christmas special, The Treebobs Save Christmas. The fifth story shortly followed, The Treebobs Rescue Rotten Rena, which left a tantalising cliff- hanger where Rotten Rena spoke of having her own airline service.

That cliff hanger is now solved with the release of The Treebobs and Air Rena with Rena’s notoriety quite literally rising high above the Enchanted Forest in her very own air ship “with her bootiful face on the side” The story tells yet again of a madcap Rotten Rena plot with her zooming all around the Enchanted Forest on her airship. This story introduces one of the most magical characters yet that of Mr McCloud the sky magician who lives in his very own cloud tower.